Storyteller, Author, Broadcaster

I’m a radio personality with over 25 years behind the mic. Recollection—my debut novel—is on sale now. Born in Wisconsin, I garnered rich experiences and met incredible people traveling to 49 states and 11 countries. Since settling in New Orleans, I’ve begun writing my second novel Going South.

If you want to order Recollection:

What if you had a perfect memory?

But every mundane or terrible thing you’ve seen or done was forever seared in your mind?

Recollection follows Jeremy Peoples—a school shooting survivor and radio DJ with unremittingly precise recall—at the start of a harrowing New Year’s Eve broadcast. But just as he grasps for redemption, a voice on the phone lures Jeremy back into danger, where he’s forced to face the memories of lost love, addiction, and the consequences of his betrayal.