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by | Sep 11, 2022

Introductions are awkward. 

There’s no getting around it.

Benjamin North head bowed as he wiped damp palms across the front of khaki shorts, and sighed.

When the moment demanded new people be approached and—gasp—spoken to (not at) he could feel his heart pound in his chest.  Dry mouth.  Sweaty arm pits sprang a leak across his light blue polo. 

The small gathering Ben was eyeing had added to their ranks, mostly solo walk-ups, but the occasional (and boisterous) greeting of familiarity meant some had responded to an invitation. Word was out.

Literally every one of those people are going to hate you.  Ben’s inner monologue began its betrayal.

This is the single dumbest thing you’ve ever done.  Lies, easily debunked, and yet… what if this was the single dumbest thing Benjamin North had ever done?  What if literally everyone would hate him?  

And yet.

Ben lifted his head, his eyes narrowed. He licked his lips, rubbed his hands together, and took an even deeper breath.  The group was about 20 feet away, murmuring and most of them were now eyeing him.

These people do not give a damn about you or who you are.  Ben winced, then forced a smile. 

Sometimes you just have to go for it.  The plan gets thrown out.  The time for analysis and overthinking is eclipsed by the unstoppable deadlines of demand and self-discipline.  Just do something.  


What if… someone actually likes some of this?  The counter-narrative was louder, yet tentative.

His smile widened into a grin.  Ben pulled himself up to his full 6’1” and ran his hands through his sandy-brown hair, which promptly flopped right back into place. He lifted his hand to the crowd, cleared his throat, and before he could stop himself, the excitement of hope and possibility overtook him:

“HI.  I’M BENJAMIN NORTH.  THANK YOU FOR NOT HATING ME!” His voice softened as some in the audience chuckled. “Oh… and for coming today.  I really, truly hope that some of you, or at least one of you, likes what you find here.  I believe that this is evolving into something special.”

Ben couldn’t tell from their expressions if they were fully with him, but he continued anyway.

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